When Reality Strikes….

I’ve got friends and family who have kids, who doesn’t? I always see and hear them talking about taking their kids to their extracurricular activities. Which I think is awesome.

It got me thinking though. When I was younger, why didn’t I do all that stuff? I played soccer for years, thanks to my grandparents. That was about it though.

Then I started thinking. I did try to do all that stuff. I tried batons, gymnastics, girl scouts, and some other stuff. You know how long all of that lasted? About a day each.

It wasn’t because I was a kid, and didn’t like it.  It comes down to my mother and how she just didn’t give a crap.

Here’s what I remember about all 3 of those activities

Gymnastics: I remember sitting in a group of kids listening to our instructor. I didn’t have any of the clothes or anything that anyone else did, but I had fun and was excited. I never went back.

Batons: I showed up to practice. Got “measured” for the right side baton. We had practice, I had fun, and never went back. Now, all this time later I still have a dusty baton somewhere that’s never been used.

Girl Scouts: We got lost on the way to this outdoor adventure that the troop was going on. My mom and I walked around the woods a little while. I had no idea what we were supposed to be doing and she didn’t care to ask. We left, I never went back.

The more I thought about it, the more mad I got.  Not because I didn’t stick with anything as a child, but because my mother didn’t care enough to take responsibility and find out the info that needed to be known to participate in these things.

That probably has something to do with why I am so nervous about knowing “exacts” when going into something, but what can you do?

I am angry, I’ve already said that.  However, the one thing I’ve taken away from this is that I’m not going to be like her.  If my children want to do something, they’re going to do it.


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